I have been enjoying photography since childhood. I develop and print B&W by hand the “old fashioned” way, and am continuously playing with, I mean experimenting with, films, developers, and old cameras.

All images © jordi vollom.  If you would like to use a photograph for something please just ask.

You can also see more at www.jordivollom.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Robin Guymer

    Hi Jordi,
    Just a short note ( it was intended to be short) to say thanks for introducing me to caffenol. I’ve developed a bit of a film camera obsession after fixing up my wife’s old Leicaflex and then finding she has been left her grandfathers M3 in perfect original condition. So I’ve added 2 x Canon A1’s and a Voitlander Vito B to the growing stable. Once I finish building our townhouses project I’ll have the time to run some film through the collection and add a few more hopefully. The caffenol developing sounds a blast and as I’ve never developed film before I’m just going to dive headlong into it.
    We loved Japan when we skied Niseko and tripped to Sapporo for the ice festival. Tore my ACL on that trip so ended the skiing holidays. Must get back there soon as it’s a really interesting place and with great people and awesome food.
    All the best and I’ll follow your posts.


    1. jordi Post author

      Hi Robin, glad to introduce you to the affliction- but don’t thank me too soon, wait a year at least to see how you feel;-) Nothing better than using cameras that have been handed down in the family and developing your photographs by hand. Caffenol is really no more difficult than any other developer (and is safer than most). Once you get the hang of it you’ll be surprised by the results.

      I’ve been up to Hokkaido but never for the Ice Festival, but from what I’ve seen it looks fantastic. Will have to add that to the list.

      Good luck and let me know if you do have any questions .




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