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Roaming Nassau Town with Olympus 35sp

I was lucky enough on my last visit to Nassau to engage in one of my favorite activities- roaming the streets camera in hand. Nassau has many old buildings full of character (and bright colors that you can’t appreciate from these photos but I will put a couple iPhone snaps below as well). People are pretty friendly and will often say hello on the street. There is a lot of investment in luxury hotels however many of the buildings in the city itself are falling apart.

I took along my trusty Olympus 35sp and a couple rolls of Arista EDU that I have been bulk loading. I still have a ton of these to go and it’s not my favorite but it is reasonably priced. The photos would have benefited from a yellow filter (I forgot), and in a couple cases where I was photographing in the distance a polarizer would have helped. I will try and find a polarizer in this size (49). I have neglected filters for the most part and generally use just a yellow, or skylight to protect the lens, or nothing at all, so this could be a fun diversion.

I recall that this film works well with Cafenol developer. Since using Cafenol so much in the past I have gotten into the habit of pushing film since it works so well with that developer. These photos I shot at ei200, and no doubt I could have gotten better results closer to film speed. After printing in the darkroom I will have a better idea.

iPhone 8 plus