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I walked around Miami a bit while waiting for a flight the next day. I walked from the Airport area to the Civic Center. It didn’t seem that far on my phone.. My feet were black from the rubber coming off my flip flops, and I was developing a nice blister. Didn’t come across anyone on the sidewalks. Not many people about. Seems like no one walks in that city. Well, I didn’t walk in the glitzy areas where everyone goes. Feels about as far away from Portland as you can get.

Camera: XA2

Film: Tri-x

Dev: HC110 semi stand 50 min

On the road near Warm Springs

I finally got a scanner again- a Canon 9000F, the same one I had in Japan. So now I can start scanning my negatives that have piled up over the last couple years.

I think the second photo is stronger due to the composition, but both captured the quality I saw that day on the drive out to Central Oregon. I will see how this prints out after summer when hopefully I can get into a darkroom again.

Camera: XA2

Film: TRI-X

Dev: HC110 Semi-Stand 50 min/68F