Izu Road Trip- or now better known as, the “How much longer?”, and “Not yet??” Trip

We recently took a road trip down to the Izu Peninsula, which is a beautiful place about 180km from Yokohama in Shizuoka Prefecture.  It took about 4 hours by car but for the kids it must have felt like 4 days I imagine since all I heard from them was “when are we gonna get there?”, and “how much longer?”…”Not yet??”. It reminded me of that scene in that Shrek movie with Donkey, Shrek and the Princess on the journey to Never Never Land.  No Donkey!  NO!!  Well, it didn’t help I suppose that I stopped a couple times to take photos along the way.  Ok, it was a couple dozen times.. Izu has a lot of old wood houses and shrines, and I can’t seem to go past them without taking a picture.

Japan has some fantastically beautiful places, sometimes right in the ordinary.


Shrine near Shimoda. Nikko 24mm / HP5+


Old farmstead, Izu.  Olympus 35sp / Acros


The beach, finally! Macro Nikkor 55mm / HP5+

farm implement

Farm Implement, Shimoda. Macro Nikkor 55mm / HP5+

How do you like dem unyuns?!

How do you like dem onions? Pool table at Ernest House, inn near Shimoda. 35SP / Superia converted to BW.


Photographer trap, Izu. Rolleicord V / Fomapan 100

bus stop izu

Bus Stop, Izu. Rolleicord V / Fomapan 100


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